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Cheating in college football recruiting: An op-ed

Cheating in college football recruiting: An op-ed

Editors note: This piece is purely regarding the corruption of SOME schools, and in no way do I mean to shed unfavorable views on a particular FAN BASE. As someone who has seen the recruiting process for a few of my teammates in central Ohio, I felt the need to write about it.

Jaiden Woodbey didn’t go to Florida State because it was his dream school. Same with Greg Little at Ole Miss. Jarez Parks didn’t grayshirt at Alabama because he just wanted to pay out of pocket for his college for a year. Yes, a five-star offensive tackle from New York going to Georgia is weird. I’m not crazy, am I?

Over the last two or three years when I’ve really followed recruiting, I have noticed a LOT of outliers. Every cycle, the number of “oddities” in college football recruiting seems to go up.

Let’s get in to it, shall we? I suppose we should start with the SEC, or as some call it, the $EC.


Alabama is an interesting case. They have an awful class (by their standards) this year, and just lost DB Nadab Joseph (who we will discuss later) to newfound SEC rival Georgia. But in recent years, the Tide have dominated the recruiting trail. In fact, Alabama is on a seven-year run with the nation’s top class, although that run will almost certainly end this year barring something huge.

But how? How did Alabama go from relative mediocrity to THE program in college football? Here are the reasonable thoughts:

  • They are in a talent-rich area: The south has long been known as the hotbed for college players. Alabama has dominated southern recruiting in recent years, stealing players from virtually every southern state.
  • They have a good coach/recruiting staff: This one largely speaks for itself, but obviously a good coaching staff and head man will do wonders for recruiting. There’s a reason Urban Meyer out-recruited Clay Helton, and it isn’t because Columbus is more attractive than Los Angeles.

However, I’ve noticed some real oddities when examining Alabama recruiting in recent years. Some of these things just don’t happen with a little (ahem) “extracurricular” help.

Let’s start with the obvious. In recent years, the Tide have given “benefits” to players. They have. There is zero doubt in my mind, and hopefully any of yours, that Ol’ Saint Nick (Saban) and his cronies have illegally done this. If you don’t believe me, scroll through this gallery. EVERY PLAYER HAS A BRAND NEW CAR. THEY ALL PLAY FOR ALABAMA. It is well-known that a lot of these student-athletes come from poverty. The Washington Times did a special report on this a few years ago. HOW DO THEY ALL MAGICALLY AFFORD CARS? I promise it doesn’t come from great investments on the New York Stock Exchange. Oh, wait, Nick Saban owns a Mercedes car dealership? Hmmm… Isn’t it a little interesting that 18-year old kids with no credit and no income can secure leases on these very nice cars, all while managing to keep them fully insured and full of gas?

An interesting note from a poster:

It’s crazy that elite recruits are consistently willing to sign with Alabama even at positions of extreme depth, knowing they will likely have to sit for a few years before playing. It’s even crazier that so many high-round draft eligible juniors return to play their senior years (e.g. Ryan Anderson, OJ Howard, Jonathan Allen, Reuben Foster, Tim Williams, Eddie Jackson), forgoing the potential of earning millions of dollars for the opportunity to play one more year for free (as well as receive a coveted degree from the University, ranked as the 103rd (tie) best university in the country by US News & World Report’s 2017 rankings).

Last year, Bama convinced a TOP-100 PLAYER to gray shirt, meaning he pays his own way for a year before he is placed on scholarship. Most recruits-unless they’re a kicker or something like that- don’t do this. Rather than grayshirt, they go play elsewhere. This happened to Ohio State quarterback Danny Clark last year. He’s now at Kentucky. But not Parks, he’s still at Bama.

Bama (and Saban) cheats. Majorly. I just invented a new word to describe the extent to which they cheat. They majorly cheat. But they’ve scaled back this year. Maybe it was the NCAA poking its nose around Oxford, Mississippi. Maybe Saban realizes that he needs to have a down year on the recruiting trail (by his standards) so everyone will shut up. But that hasn’t led the SEC to stop this year. That leads us to the next program.


The Bulldogs are an interesting case. From REAL mediocrity to the Mount Rushmore of the sport, the Bulldogs-led by second-year coach Kirby Smart– have the nation’s #1 recruiting class and a College Football Playoff Berth. It has been an incredible rise for the Peach State’s darling. After a decade or so of mediocrity under head coach Mark Richt,  Georgia has stormed to the #1 recruiting class in the nation this season. But how?

The Bulldogs have had an INCREDIBLE run over the last two-ish weeks. They have flipped Cade Mays– a legacy and presumed lock to Tennessee. They have flipped Brenton Cox– the same thing, but to Ohio State. They flipped Nadab Joseph from Alabama just a few days ago, despite his name never appearing anywhere on UGA sites. They landed five-star quarterback Justin Fields, despite having two other five-stars in the two classes above (Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm), meaning that there is no easy road for Fields to start, especially the next two years while Fromm is forced to stay in Athens.  How is this possible? Kirby $mart is at it again.

It is no secret the link between Kirby Smart and Nick Saban. Smart was the defensive coordinator in Tuscaloosa. for seven years, from 2008-2015. Perhaps Kirby learned some tricks from Ol’ Saint Nick.

Nadab Joseph is a four-star cornerback from Miami, Florida. He took an official visit to Alabama on Dec. 4, and committed to the Tide one day later. Just two weeks after that, he flipped his commitment and signed with Georgia, despite NOBODY expecting it. No Crystal Balls put in, no message board rumors, nothing. Joseph never visited Georgia. Yet for some reason, he flipped to the Bulldogs.

Tight end Luke Ford, from ILLINOIS, committed to the Bulldogs a few days ago. This comes a bit after tight end Isaac Nauta pledged, and played a big role this year. How many tight ends can be on the field at the same time? Nauta is a star, and has at least one more year in Athens, meaning Ford will have to play behind for at least one season. But that didn’t stop Luke Ford.

The same exact thing happened last year with five-star offensive tackle Isaiah Wilson. Wilson is from Brooklyn, New York. You know, in the northeast. Where elite Big Ten programs such as Ohio State and Michigan go to recruit, and ACC programs like Boston College and Syracuse come to pick up the scraps. Georgia doesn’t go up there… Oh, but Kirby $mart does.

Michigan held 76% of the Crystal Ball predictions for Wilson. Alabama had 12%. Georgia came in third with a whopping 6%. Six percent! Despite minimal contact, Wilson took an official visit to Georgia and committed a week later. Interesting, huh.

Florida State: 

The Seminoles have just went through a coaching change, switching from Jimbo Fisher to Willie Taggart, but the sliminess remains.

Fisher was always known as a bit of a “dirt ball,” mainly because of the quarterbacks he chose to recruit. First off, Heisman Trophy winner, national champion, and #1 overall draft choice Jameis Winston of course had the now infamous “Crab Legs” incident, and has been labeled as a bit “immature” in the NFL, but that’s not really enough to blame Jimbo.

Those aren’t really “violations” though. Fisher didn’t cheat to land those players. He did for five-star defensive tackle Marvin Wilson, however.

Wilson was one who really seemed to enjoy the process of his recruitment. He took all five official visits (to LSU, Ohio State, USF, Oklahoma, and Florida State), but was pegged throughout the process to stay close to home at LSU. In fact, the Tigers held 63% of his Crystal Ball predictions, while Florida State held just 29%. But the Seminoles won out. When asked why, Wilson cited the “honey fried chicken.”

After Fisher left for Texas A&M, the Seminoles hired Willie Taggart away from Oregon, and he immediately flipped five-star safety Jaiden Woodbey from Ohio State. At the time of Taggart’s hiring, Woodbey didn’t even have an offer from the Seminoles. That was quickly changed, however. He then took a visit to Tallahassee for less than 24 hours, and committed to the Seminoles on early signing day this past week, spurning both the school he committed to almost a year ago (Ohio State) and the school in his backyard and to which he is a legacy (USC) in favor of the school with NO defensive backs coach, a head coach who has been there two weeks, and a team that went 6-6 last year and offered him two weeks ago. Seems fishy, doesn’t it?

Oh, let’s not forget when five-star running back Khalan Laborn announced his commitment in an FSU-adorned Lambo. That was kind of neat.


Ah, Dabo Swinney. You know, I actually had respect for this man until five-star offensive tackle Jackson Carmaadmitted that Swinney negatively recruited against Ohio State.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think Clemson cheated in any way (other than slimy negative recruiting tactics) to get Carman. I think that Carman was just looking for any way possible to get out of the state of Ohio.

I do, however, think that Clemson has done some very dirty things. For starters, five-star defensive lineman Xavier Thomas bought not one, but TWO new cars. Coincidentally, they were acquired the day he committed to Clemson and the day he signed with Clemson.

Another interesting note regarding Thomas is that his father was in prison for a long while, but when he got out, his car detailing business was sold for well above market value.

The truck was (is?) a 2011 Ford F-150, valued well above $20,000 (as the truck includes $2,000 rims). Someone please explain to me how someone under the age of 18 with no credit history was able to get a loan or lease for that truck, and how he could afford it with a father who was incarcerated. There are two options.

  1. The sale of his father’s business (supposedly brokered by Clemson boosters) generated the money necessary for the Ford F-150 Truck.
  2. Clemson is paying for it.

I’m not a scientist, but both of those seem like violations to me.

Oh, and for all the South Carolina fans crying foul over this, just know that your four-star signed quarterback Dakeron Joyner just bought a new car the day after he signed with the ‘Cocks.

Welp, that’s it

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Oh, one final note: The Big Ten certainly is not innocent here. But that’s a discussion for another day.


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104 thoughts on “Cheating in college football recruiting: An op-ed

  1. Hmmm, I notice a HUGE slant toward the SEC and the ACC AS THE BIG CHEATERS IN THE BUNCH. But hey, what about ole miss? You left them out. Is it because the NCAA was very harsh to them and you feel sympathetic??? IS THAT IT? Or is it because they don’t seem like a huge threat? I mean you MENTIONED THEM IN PASSING but no big articles like the others!!!

    Well, you don’t have to be a scientist to see you kind of favor OHIO STATE!!!! You seem a bit upset about players that change their mind about playing for URBAN LYER. Also I have to look into it but IM NOT SURE YOU REALLY HAVE ALL YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. I WILL SEE. OHIO STATE/umm I meant THE BIG TEN is a story for ANOTHER DAY???? I’m new here so I COULD HAVE OVERLOOKED IT. But I’ll be looking for that article. ILL BE INTERESTED IN SEEING HOW MANY OHIO STATE PLAYERS ARE PAID FOR or have in some way CHEATED!!!!

    We ALL know about URBAN MEYER or is it CRY’RE or LIAR??? Well, WE KNOW HE LIES. But I suppose we are ALL guilty of that at times. Only difference is. Or should I say THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE IS. That HE LIED ABOUT KNOWING THAT HIS FRIEND AND FELLOW COACH WAS BEATING HIS WIFE ON A FAIRLY REGULAR BASIS!!!!!!! Is that condoning or JUST STICKING UP FOR HIS FELLOW COACH AND PAL?????? He only got fired when it all went public pretty much. I hear there was a pretty good size MARCH or PROTEST in favor of the VICTIM right??? Oh I’m sorry. Wrong again. It was in favor of “URBAN MEYER the CRY RE’-DOMESTIC VIOLENCE LIAR. ” But hey HE’S A 3 TIME NATIONAL CHAMPION!!! You can’t not support that in Ohio RIGHT????

    I mean MAYBE some at OHIO STATE or around in OHIO are decent people who don’t condone that at any cost. I’M JUST WONDERING WHERE THEY ARE????? Maybe I just missed it. But I believe those football fans out there supporting URBAN MEYER are only thinking of their team and the season!!!! Hey I GET IT, I JUST HAPPEN TO DISAGREE WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m with Uncle Lou on this one boys and “girls????” I honestly cannot understand why any girl/women is supporting this GARBAGE!!!! I MEAN THEY COULD BE THE NEXT VICTIMS, IF THIS IS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder how many OF THOSE SO-CALLED “MEN” HAVE DAUGHTERS??? If they do then they have or HAD WIVES TOO!!!!!! Okay male URBAN MEYER supporters. I am talking to YOU!!!!!!! King Negan of the UGA fan base is calling YOU out. ALL OF YOU!!!!!! SEE COMMENTS IN PARAGRAPH BELOW..

    EITHER GET OUT OF THAT URBAN MEYER SUPPORT LINE or if the time comes that YOUR DAUGHTER gets married or even dating. And if her man decides to BLACK HER EYES. “If she is that lucky.” Because it can be much worse!!!! Or if he decides TO DO WORSE. ESPECIALLY ON CAMPUS AT OHIO STATE. If she gets beaten or DATE RAPED or God forbid the worst!!! YOU JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND BE THE PU$$Y THAT YOU ARE SHOWING YOURSELF TO BE!!!!! Remember to let URBAN take care of it. Because it is often a player or in this case a coach. Let Urban deal with your DAUGHTER’S case and you just KEEP BEING A FAN!!!!! KEEP YOUR TRAP SHUT. Then if URBAN MEYER thinks it is best for HIS TEAM and HIS CAREER to COVER IT ALL UP!!!! If your DAUGHTER OR DAUGHTERS BECOME THE NEXT VICTIM. Then when OHIO STATE thinks it’s best just to KEEP IT UNDER RAPS , for the sake of THE TEAM. Don’t forget THE STAND YOU ARE MAKING NOW!!!!! Make sure you are not inconsistent. Just keep your mouth SHUT!!!!! If this bothers you then “OH WELL.”

    When your DAUGHTER, SISTER, COUSIN or COUSINS KID or WHOEVER is the NEXT VICTIM at OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. Or Anywhere else in the world. Remember the stand you are making EITHER IN THAT PATHETIC PROTEST, or on social media!!! Just KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT when it’s YOUR TURN!!!! When your DAUGHTERS are made to be THE BAD GUY, or called a MONEY GRABBING WH??? When there is NO ONE who is comfortable STANDING UP FOR HER!!!! When they go so far as to MAKE HIM THE VICTIM. Just remember the stand you are making TODAY!!!!

    Do women lie for money? YES!!! So do men, like URBAN MEYER trying to keep his million dollar coaching job!!!!! Do women FAKE BEING BEATEN or even RAPED??? I think sometimes YES, but not in this case. Why FIRE THE OTHER COACH IF THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE??? Especially evidence that was GETTING TO CLOSE TO URBAN LIAR!!!!!! But HE DID WAIT!!!!!! Covered for his friend as long as he could. You can bet. It was so bad it was out of even URBAN S’ control. THERE IS EVIDENCE and EVEN PICTURES!!! Urban knows about it and knew about it a LOOOOOOOONG TIME!!!! I heard it was YEARS OF ABUSE!!!

    You know I’ll admit SOMETIMES WE ALL turn a blind eye to things. Simply because we don’t know the strangers on the street arguing. Maybe our friends or family argue and fight and we look away for a VARIETY of reasons. One example. Well if I stick my nose in their arguments. THEY WILL BOTH GET MAD AT ME. She will be back with him before the night is over as if nothing ever happened. The whole family will get mad at me. You know. Sometimes he or she has a really BIG MOUTH and starts fights. It can be both you know. How do I know if he hit her or did she get bruised JUMPING ON HIM??? WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE!!!!!!! We who are real men have went to the rescue of many women. Only to find that the girl ENJOYS GETTING MEN TO FIGHT OVER HER!!!!!! Now you can end up IN JAIL YOURSELF trying to be a hero.

    I know all about that. You must show a little restraint at times unless you like living in jail while the girl you were rescuing laughs at you and goes on doing her usual thing. THAT IS NOT FOR ME AND IM BEING HONEST!!!!! Yes I have stopped friends from jumping on their wives!!! I’ve done it!!!!! I risked jail trying to stop him and keep her safe!!! GUESS WHAT???? Do I need to tell you? I grabbed him and pulled him off. HE THREATENED TO KNOCK THE PURE HE?? OUT OF ME!!!! I got passed and moved a little closer GIVING HIM AN OPEN INVITATION. I was actually the ONLY MAN WILLING TO STEP IN. There were at least 8 to 10 guys within 5 feet of them as he HELD HER BY THE HAIR. All those men were AFRAID. You see. HE HAD A REPUTATION AS A BAD BOY!!!!

    He was HOLDING HER HEAD DOWN AT HIS CROTCH trying to humiliate her. Only because she came to the fire works display like he told her not to. You see. It was the fourth of July. He was DRUNK and accused her of trying to ruin his fun. CHEATING FUN I suppose. “She was HIS WIFE!!!” Anyway, not one so-called man moved a muscle to stop him. Pretty big boys too!!! About my size I guess. I’m not small 6.3 and pretty decent size. Not huge but big enough TO SAY NO MORE BUDDY!!!! Originally, since he hadn’t hit her yet. I stepped in to stop the humiliation and to STOP HIM FROM ENDING UP IN JAIL FOR PUBLIC DRUNK AND WIFE BEATING. He suffers from depression.

    He can be a much better person when he is not drunk and having an episode. Well anyway. I stepped in for the good of BOTH at first. BUT WHEN HE THREATENED ME, WELL IT WAS ON!!!! Yea he did have a reputation that’s true. But we’ll all I’ll say is. HE KNOWS ME VERY VERY WELL!!!!! He knew that his reputation was no match for MY PUNCH!!!!!! He had beaten up a few cops once and was good at catching people DRUNK and adding to his reputation. Only thing is. I WASNT DRUNK, and he knew even drunk he wouldn’t add to his reputation with me!!!!!! I’m not saying I’m bad or anything like that. I don’t need to and don’t care for fighting. BUT, THE BAD DONT MESS WITH ME. Anyway, ill leave it at that.

    My point is. HE STOPPED pretty quickly once I CALLED HIS BLUFF. He knew I wasn’t bluffing after he threatened me. So he backed down. I lost a lot of respect for those other “men” standing there letting it happen. Acting like they were scared of his shadow!!!!!! Still, the next day they were okay again. He bloodied some other big dudes face that night. I guess he was just humiliated himself for walking away pretty fast. I guess he couldn’t just get over it and sober up. He just had to fight someone!!! Some are like that I guess. They are divorced now. But I just eventually had to ignore them whenever they were arguing. Because they always got back together for a while anyway. But he never ever did anything physical again in my presence. I never knew about anything.

    But I’m glad I was there that night. No telling what might have happened. He could have even gotten shot. The police knew him and he was cocky!!! They knew about the other cops. You know how some are right? I’m glad I was able to stop it that night. But we all know you can’t always stick your nose in without maybe going to jail for doing the right thing. Arguments, I have learned to ignore. I mean they happen!!! I’m glad I haven’t seen anyone beating up on a girl. I’m not the type just to watch. I hope I can stay out of others affairs honestly!!!!!!!! I could for example accidentally kill someone by just things going to far. I have to defend myself.

    If a man jumps on me I’m fighting back. I hate to say it but my punch alone could accidentally kill a man. It’s just the truth. I probably should have been a boxer. Lots of speed and a punch stronger than Tyson. Not important how I know, but I do. NO I NEVER FOUGHT HIM. There are other ways to know nowadays. Speed is about like Tyson only I’m a bit stronger. Without a doubt I can take more of a punch than him. He was a bull no doubt. But not as strong in punch as some. Me example lol. I think big George Forman was stronger than him too. I honestly even now have the hand speed of a light weight, the punch of a gorilla “figuratively speaking lol” and the chin and head of a mule lol. Yes I can be just as stubborn too. LoL

    When I was in high school. A big strong dude hit me IN THE HEAD with a thick heavy baseball bat. Probably about 10 times but seemed like 15 lol. It busted me up and I WAS BLEEDING LIKE A STUCK PIG or whatever the expression. He was a darn football player and back then I was kind of small. I mean HE WAS SWINGING FOR THE FENCES TOO!!!! I guess It should have killed me!!! I think he was trying to honestly. What’s it called? ROID RAGE I guess. Where steroids affect your temper? I have no idea to this day why he did it. A girl maybe??? You tell me. Well anyway it didnt even take me off my feet. CRAZY I KNOW RIGHT? Well I just saying. IVE ALWAYS HAD A DARN HARD HEAD!!! LOL

    Well long story short. I turned back at him all busted up. No doubt looking like one of those zombies like on tv lol. NOT A PRETTY SIGHT!!!! Short skinny little guy I was back then. Even I can’t believe it at times but it happened. I never left my feet. I just turned and for some STUPID REASON. I STARTED LAUGHING. A dude that is 3 times my size is trying to kill me with a bat and I laugh. GO FIGURE LOL. I was a very sweet timid shy nice kid. I’m still SOME OF THOSE THINGS LOL. I guess it took a second to process those 10 to 15 blows to my head. I WAS NOT PRETTY AT THAT MOMENT LOL.

    Well anyway. Laughter turns to anger pretty quickly!!!! Maybe it was TASTING MY OWN BLOOD POORING FROM MY HEAD. Maybe it was the open gashes. Maybe it was the giant lumps a good 3 inches high on my head. Or maybe it was all my timid niceness and shyness and getting picked on. I don’t know. But whatever it was it wasn’t good. I turned on him and hit him with my little skinny fist I had then. I hit him so hard that THE BAT FLEW ONE WAY AND HE FLEW THE OTHER!!!!!!! Looked kinda like well I’m not sure. But it wasn’t good. SORRY. LOST MY TEMPER. Well I did apparently cave the Side of his face in a bit.

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    My point is. VIOLENCE IS BAD. ALWAYS BAD, IN 8th grade with a varsity lineman beating your head in with a ball bat. And ESPECIALLY bad for MEN TO JUST BEAT UP WOMEN because they can. And BAD TO SEND A MESSAGE THAT ITS OKAY!!!!!!! Urban Meyer may or may not be an okay person. BUT THIS IS ABOUT THE PROTECTION OF WOMEN EVERYWHERE!!!!! It’s in the hands of OHIO STATE now. I haven’t looked so I guess it’s still ongoing. If they do nothing or slap him on the wrist. Then I guess it will be in the hands of God. That is where I won’t to stop because I KNOW IM RANTING!!!!!! And, I’m tired so by by.😀

    PS. I’ll be back to talk about the other issues, IF I HAVE THE STRENGTH LOL. Ball bats to the head 10 or 15 times from a varsity lineman I suppose I can take LOL. Typing more right now, NOPE LOL God bless see ya till a little later.

    King Negan UGA SUPER FAN

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